76 Camaro bumpers

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76 Camaro bumpers

rustyrodder_7 rustyrodder_7
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Posted: 08/27/06
04:37 PM

I have recently acquired a 76 camaro, which i am really excited about fixing up.  I was just wondering if anybody knows what i can do about my ugly bumpers.  The bumpers themselves are in nearly perfect condition, but I do not like the way they stick so far out from the car.  I guess I was hoping somebody could help me out with some information on either some aftermarket parts, or if there is a way to make the bumpers hug the car.  Thank you.  

Lewisk Lewisk
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Posted: 08/09/07
03:36 PM

you should ask the guys over there at chevy High Performance Magazine... im sure there forum guys would know more about it than i do.